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To help you stay active over the coming weeks we are setting you a skills challenge that you can complete in your back garden. Show us how you are getting on by posting your pictures or videos below. You can also tag us in your stories.

Day 1: First up we want to see your spectacular solos. Complete 40 on your weaker foot, 50 on your strong foot.

Day 2: It’s time for a new Skills Challenge. Thanks to Jamie and Charlie for helping to demonstrate today’s skill.-15 high catches in row, extend arms fully over your head to catch the ball
– Your feet must leave the ground while completing catch
– Ensure ball is pulled into your tummy.

Day 3: Today we are focusing on your kicking and target practice. We are also mixing things up a bit by taking you from your back garden, to your driveways or another open space. Who can kick a ball into their car boot?

Day 4: Thank you to Tom Kinsella for demonstrating today’s challenge. How many times can you hit the crossbar? If you don’t have access to a set of goals mark a target on a wall and aim for that instead.

Day 5/ Mother’s Day: We have an extra special Skills Challenge for you today. To celebrate our wonderful Moorefield mammies we’re asking you to head to the garden and see how many hand passes you and your mother can complete in 60 seconds. 

Day 6: Today we are asking you to get creative and set up your own obstacle course. Send us in the details including pictures of your course and we will pick one as a future challenge.

Day 7: Hang a jersey from any of the following and hit it: tree, washing line, gate, fence, wall, goalposts.

Day 8: We have asked some familiar faces to set your challenges and first up is Ladies Senior and Kildare Minor player, Kim Morrissey. How many times can you complete the drill? 

 Can you do as well as Philie Wolfe in this Ball 2 Ball Skills Challenge? Be sure to send in your videos as SpotOn Sports are giving you a chance to win a football if you complete the challenge. 

Day 9:  Today Cian O’Connor takes us step by step through a dummy solo. A great skill to use to help you escape your marker! Best of luck everyone and don’t forget to let us and Cian know how you get on.

Day 10: It’s a family affair for our Skills Challenges this week as Eanna O’Connor sets Skill Challenge 10 for us. This skill is an important one for all aspiring goal keepers and forwards. Eanna wants to see you complete 5 kicks from the ground to a family member. They should catch the ball without needing to move.

Day 11: Setting Skills Challenge 11 is Mark Dempsey. Mark wants you to work on your overhead catches. This is a vital skill no matter what position you play in. Let us and Mark know how many you completed in 30 seconds.

Day 12: Skills Challenge 12 is Anthony Durney’s 6 Step Challenge. We are once again focusing on the importance of catching the ball. You must complete each step before moving on to the next one.

Day 13: It’s time for Skills Challenge 13 and today we are combining it with our 5K a day Fundraiser. Liam Healy is asking you to bring a football on your daily walks & jogs. Work on your solo’s by alternating from right to left foot as you go along.

Day 14: Aaron Masterson joins us today to set Skills Challenge 14. For this challenge you can use a family member as Aaron has or a wall. Let us and Aaron know how many Punt passes you completed in 30 seconds.

Day 15: Niamh McFadden wants you to put all your great solo and catching practice to use in Skills Challenge 15. Let us and Niamh know how many times you complete the course in 30 seconds.

Day 16: We have double the fun today as the O’Connor brothers lead the way for Skills Challenge 16. Grab a sibling or a parent, a ball each and using a punt kick see if you can make your balls collide in mid air. Send us in your efforts and let us and Cian & Eanna see how well you did.

Day 17: Skills Challenge 17 comes from David Whyte. This Skills Challenge will help our U6 & 7 Mini Moores to work on their bounces and solo technique. Older footballers let us know how many times you complete David’s course in 30 seconds.

Day 18: The Conaty sisters bring you Skills Challenge 18. The block is a vital skill for every footballer. If you don’t have a partner to work with, Ciara shows us how you can also practice this skill alone. Let us know how many you complete in 30 seconds. Show us, Ciara and Niamh your super skills

Day 19: Kevin Murnaghan sets us a 3 step challenge for Skills Challenge 19. Today we are working on our pick ups, solos and hand pass. Complete Kevin’s course as many times as you can in 30 seconds and have fun! Best of luck everyone

Day 20: It’s time for Skills Challenge 20. Today Ryan Moore is helping us with accuracy by setting a target practice challenge. Remember when striking the ball to keep it low in order to hit your targets. Can you do as well as Ryan?

Day 21: Skills Challenge 21 will keep you on the move. Amy Price asks you to work on striking the ball while on the run. Make sure you practice your bounces and kicks on both your right and left sides.

Day 22: It’s time for Skills Challenge 22. We are continuing to focus on striking the ball today. Sean Murray talks us through striking the ball from both the inside and outside of your boot. Choose from striking the ball over the bar, at a target or to a partner.

Day 23: Skills Challenge 23 comes to you from Cian Casey. Today Cian coaches you through a dummy solo followed by a handpass. These are two important skills to help you beat your marker and ensure your team retains the ball. Practice on both sides and let Cian know you many you completed in 30 seconds.

Day 24: Skills Challenge 24 is a 9 step Skills Challenge from Mary Hulgraine. Mary has completed all 9 skills in 15 seconds. Can you beat her time? Show us your super skills

Day 25: We have reached Skills Challenge 25. Today Darragh O’Toole sets us his pick up challenge. In addition to working on your skills this is a great challenge to work on your fitness too. Have fun and remember to show us your super skills

Day 26: Alex O’Shea kicks off our final week of Skills Challenges. Skills Challenge 26 focuses on our solos. Ensure you solo on both feet and go in and out between your 3 markers.

Day 27: Our Penultimate skills challenge comes from 11 x All Ireland winner & 7 x All Star Bríd Stack. To complete Bríd’s challenge you will need a deck of cards. Why not use challenges to date while assigning an activity per card.

Day 28:


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