Captain’s Profile- Jack Cousins

Jack CousinsBest of luck to the Under 13 B team in the league final tomorrow. They play St. Laurence’s at 10.15  in Hawkfield.

Thanks to Jack Cousins, captain of the team, who answered some questions for us.




Date of birth? 06-01-02
Position? Full Back
Started playing football7 years old
First trainers Mick Meehan
Favourite Moorefield Player?Podge Cribbin
Favourite football playerStephen Cluxton
Best game ever played in?Against Meath in Croke Park
Biggest influence on your life? My dad
Best advice someone has ever given you? When it's too tough for them it's just right for us
Best ground you have ever played in?Croke Park
Favourite sportGaelic
Who's your sporting hero?Bernard Brogan
Favourite music/ movie?



Who’s your best friend on the team: Robbie

Who’s the tough nut on the team: Evan

Who’s the quickest: Evan

Who’s the joker of the team: Dylan

Who’s the most skilful: Aaron

Who’s the best trainer: Mick Meehan (Manager)  

Who’s the worst time keeper on the team: Luke

Who’s the best player you have ever played with: Jack Casey

Who’s the best player you have ever played against: Fiachra Galvin

Who’s the newest player on the team : Robbie

Who’s the oldest player on the team: Jack Cousins

Who are the top scorers: Aaron

Who’s the managers pet: Jake

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