Under 12 Seanie Barber Tournament 2016

SEANIE BARBER BLITZ SUNDAY AUGUST 21st 2016 RULES FOR THE DAY Please bring a printed team sheet with players Details (Name , DOB etc.). This is to be handed to the Location coordinator on arrival at your venue. A €20 Fee per club to cover referees is to be given to the coordinator on arrival. Please Note: 13 aside teams.(subs can be run in and out as agreed between teams at the start) 11 aside if agreed between both teams!!! Division 4 (LOCATION ROUND TOWERS) Second teams are to be played 11 a side by default but 13 if agreed between teams( Semi finals and Final 11 aside) !! 10 mins a side games. Pitch size will be from the 21 to the 21 and full width. Two Plays (1 hop 1 solo or 2 solos) Kickouts & 45’s may be taken from the hand. Normal scores (1 Goal = 3 points) In the case of a draw between two teams A GOLDEN SCORE (next score wins) RULE TO APPLY — NO DRAW MATCHES !!! Referees scores to be FINAL In the event of the Group Winners finishing level THE WINNER FROM THE TWO TEAMS WHO FINISHED LEVEL WILL GO FORWARD AS THE GROUP





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